Wedding Planning is the Next American Most Popular Profession

Wedding planning is the next American most popular profession because every year there are thousands of couples who get married and exchange their vows.

Becoming a wedding planner is one of the most in demand professions in America. The fast growing wedding industry demands a highly competitive and idealistic planner. Although certification is not required, one should have a certification in order to become a reputable service provider.

Any person who wants to have such profession should understand that this is not for everybody. You should have passion and dedication in to deliver an excellent service. As a wedding planner, it is your obligation to make sure everything is perfect. Meaning, you need to keep an eye to all the details from the first day of planning ‘til the day of the main celebration. It is very important that you enjoy meeting people and talk about different ideas and possibilities about wedding.

This kind of job requires a person to be fully organized and keen to every detail. Being a perfectionist is the main key to obtain the best services.  It is also crucial that the wedding planner has good communication skills and the ability to solve problems calmly and under pressure.  There are no specific academic courses required to become a wedding planner. Most of the wedding planners are people who move from event planner, caterer and party host. Such background is very useful.

Having a degree in management is not necessary but it would be a great advantage in your part. It will help you to run the business smoothly and easily. Managing and handling several clients can be exhausting and stressful, if you have the degree you will be able to accommodate the said issues

As a planner it is also important that you have a lot of connection to different vendors such as florists, wedding venue for reception, wedding photographers and many more. In this case, you have a lot of choices to avail affordable wedding services.

There are some states in the U.S. such as Dallas that offer a certification known as the AACWP or the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. The said organization was founded by seven Dallas planners, expanded and has covered the central region of the country. Being in this organization and having their certification requires continuing education credit each year to maintain the AACWP.

Since wedding planning is the next American most popular profession, there are a lot of legit organizations all over the U.S. that also offer certification in order to maintain high quality service of each providers or vendors. These organizations believe that wedding planning should be done by well-trained and certified planners. However, each organization has its own way to evaluate and train a planner.

Some wedding planners also exceed their limitations; some of these talented people also attend several trainings about wedding bouquet arrangement, designing a venue using different materials as wedding decorations, table setup and many more. Such competitions lead them into putting a business which offers not only wedding planning but a wedding package service.