Factors that Affect When Choosing Small or Big Wedding Bouquet in San Diego CA

How to Determine the Right Size of Your Bouquet

Bridal flowers could go awfully wrong if it is not well scaled based on your wedding dress, the dress of your bridesmaids and the bouquet of your bridesmaids. Your bouquet should be very distinctive since you are the bride. If you choose big wedding bouquet in San Diego CA, make sure that it has proper symmetry and color to what you are wearing. Most of all, it should carry your personality as a bride .

wedding bouquetIf you are a petite bride, make sure that your bouquet is something that you could carry well, not so big. A perfect bridal flower for a petite type of body is the nosegay; it has a parameter of sixteen to eighteen inches when it comes to diameter. Composite bouquets are also perfect for petite brides.

If you are a voluptuous bride, make sure that you pick a round bouquet. This type of bouquet will complement the size of the bride; it features circular flowers which florists call concentric circles.

Choosing a bouquet that will match your gown is also difficult. If you are wearing a ball gown, your bridal flower could easily get lost into the details of your dress. Make sure that when you choose a ball gown, your bouquet should be bigger and noticeable. Always remember the rule, the bigger your dress is, the bigger your bridal flower should be. You can also customize your own bouquet for as long as you are well guided by the expert florist.

Whether you choose small or big wedding bouquet in San Diego CA, make sure that you have consulted a professional first. Your bouquet is one of the most important details while you walk in the aisle so make sure you picked a truly memorable and beautiful piece that will send flowers San Diego.

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